When it comes to propagation stations, they’re not all the same. Different sizes and configurations may be ideal for different plants. Below are our recommendations for various situations. These propagation stations are functional, beautiful, and will have you churning out new plant babies in no time!

Best propagation station for small plants

This setup is ideal for small plants. It’s sturdy, east to put together, and looks great with any plant in it. I have used it extensively for single-leaf cuttings, and it has not failed me yet!

Best propagation station for office desk

This setup is both functional and fun! It provides 4 places to propagate your plants, and the building block configuration makes it perfect for your office. You can change it up to fit around other objects on your desk, which is both convenient and a fun distraction from work.

Unique propagation station for large plants

This may not be a traditional propagation station, but imagine a large plant growing in this terrarium. It would look amazing and provide plenty of room for roots to grow.

Best Hanging propagation station

Let your cuttings grow in style with these hanging lightbulb-style propagation stations. The benefit of a hanging prop station is that it’s out of reach of pets and kids. With these, though, it’s best to use smaller cuttings so that the weight doesn’t cause them to hang funny.

Best propagation tray for succulents

Propagating succulents is a whole different game. They don’t need a deep container full of water, like other plants do. They do best in a shallow tray of soil. These trays are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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